Saturday, March 14, 2009

South Africa - The place that i'll be missed..

Im glad as i hv a chances to visit south africa which i dun ever think dat someday i'll be see the breath the fresh air which make me feel much2 better. I am enjoying every moment of it as im relatively free from my heavy routine at the office. Thanks alot bos! It takes 12 hours to SA which the longest nonstop-flight thru Mas Boeing  747..

We visited three different places in 12 days..Johannesburg, Sun city & Cape town. Whats an experience that was. Cape Town is soooo beautiful and a very nice place i ever imagine and ever seen...



Im watching the seal..
Pretoria view, Johannesburg

Sun City

Sun City

The Cape of the Golden Hope, Cape Town

Sun City

Table Mountant

Here birdy2...come to me..

Having lunch after arriving at Sun City, Africa. This food really smells good..:)
Last day before moving back to Malaysia..uwa2..

At the Cape of the Good Hope..initially, i was the only one who standing there alone..but suddenly all this guys was also want to posing2 here..;p feel FREE and single...