Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the first 'kick' on 21st Week..

on the last pregnancy, i'm so regret coz i dun really remember when i started to feel his 1st 'kick'. So, for this pregnancy..i will b more aware to keep track of the baby's movement (^_*)v. But a couples of days before..i think that i started to feel a very small-small movement..but when i put my fingers on my tummy & concentrating on it..suddenly nothing happen! So, i just my imagination or a feel of over excitement! Oh..ok..nevermind. Take your time honey...! On last monday,  22/11/2010, as usual, me & hubi will have a conversation thru the phone before turn to bed. While we both laughing on the jokes I've made, suddenly i feel the soft kick in my tummy. It started with a slowly kick..but the signals turns into the movements that can be noticeable. Im concentrating and look closely on the surface of my tummy..and yesss...i can even see the waving!! Alhamdulillah. 'Finally i can feel and see his 1st kick! I think this baby loves the way im teasing u, hubi!'..i told him with full excitement..

As what i know, the fetal movements is a quite important especially during the last 6 months of pregnancy. I share this articles for our informations.

All of my patients worry about their baby’s health, especially as the pregnancy nears term. I advise them to pay attention to their baby’s movement pattern as a sign of a healthy baby. Fetal movement has been shown in numerous medical studies to be a good predictor of the baby’s health when monitored later in pregnancy. I want to stress the “later in pregnancy” aspect of this comment because of the misconceptions propagated in maternity textbooks regarding this point.

You’ll first be able to feel your baby moving somewhere between the 16th and 22nd weeks of pregnancy. For the first several months, the baby’s movement pattern is very erratic and my patients can go days without feeling the baby move. This can be quite unnerving and leads to additional office visits to alleviate their fears. These visits are perfectly fine with us because they present the opportunity to discuss the important role of fetal movement later in pregnancy.

In normal pregnancies, the baby has ample oxygen courtesy of the placenta. If there is a reduction in the amount of oxygen, the baby will reduce its activity level to ration the available oxygen. This will be a warning sign of “fetal stress.”

To identify those rare pregnancies that may show signs of fetal stress, I ask my patients to pay attention to the baby’s movement pattern during the last six weeks of pregnancy. You may perceive fetal movement as a swift sharp kick, a rolling of the baby, or a gentle bumping.

By performing a daily fetal count, we can help detect at-risk pregnancies. There are two methods I use to monitor the baby:

1) two kicks/movements within an hour of each meal;
2) 10 kicks/movements before noon.

If the baby’s movements don’t meet these criteria, I ask my patient to call the office immediately. I hate receiving a phone call at 10:00 pm telling me the baby has not moved in 24 hours. If this happens, I’m quite distraught and upset until I see that patient on the monitor at the hospital. It makes me feel that I’ve failed to make my patient understand that we may be able to detect the rare baby who is in “stress,” and save that baby’s life. During my career, my group has saved a half-dozen babies because of an alert parent!

Some babies have a different movement pattern than I have described. However, they do move frequently. In general, as long as your baby has regular, predictable movements, it is probably okay. You may also know ways to prompt your baby to move. Eating sugary food, drinking a cold drink or playing music are a few examples of the tricks my patients use to check their babies’ movements.

I suggest speaking with your practitioner about his or her suggestions for tracking your baby’s movement during the later stages of your pregnancy. Good luck, and have a healthy pregnancy.

By expert advice 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Movie time! series of Harry Potter (HP) has released - Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1. It just a great movie, really! I watched it on last Saturday in GSC One Utama. But still cannot fully rate this movie since this is only the 1st part. Can't wait for the 2nd part and hoping for the more extremely disastrous battle...:)

For those who watch HP from the 1st movie (over the past 8 years!) can feel the transformations of the three stars of the movie.  All went from little kids fighting over demons and it seems now their maturity can be noticeable.

Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter certainly has grown up!

harrysorcersstone1kj09 07 14 Photos of the Harry Potter Cast Over the Past 8 Years 
harryhalfprince6kj09 07 14 Photos of the Harry Potter Cast Over the Past 8 Years

Emma Watson

She’s always been cute, but now she has a grace to her that we’re beginning to see as she gets older.

hermoinesorcersstone1kj09 07 14 Photos of the Harry Potter Cast Over the Past 8 Years

Rupert Grint

He is still the token ginger of the group. Although he has definitely grown up, he still has a bit of the same sweet look on his face.

ronsorcersstone1kj09 07 14 Photos of the Harry Potter Cast Over the Past 8 Years

ronhalfprince6kj09 07 14 Photos of the Harry Potter Cast Over the Past 8 Years

Monday, November 22, 2010

grilled lovin it..:)

I bought fresh salmon in Jusco this past Saturday which costs around RM16 per pieces (dun remember hw many grams). Since Lina will be married soon..& later on will left me alone in my its not a big deal for her to cook grilled salmon aite??..he2..buli2. I think, grilling salmon is quite easy and fast cook. After a few minutes in the oven..we can see the fish is cooking nicely and the smells..humm..yummi2. So, our supper tonite is only grilled salmon & Kerang rebus without rice..healthy food eh...