Thursday, January 20, 2011

boy ke gugurl?

Yeayy..its oledy 29 weeks...thumbs up for me(^_^)v. As my baby keeps on growing in my do i (getting fatter and fatter...uwaaa). But..nvermind, i will ensure that my weight will soon recover on my confinement days. So..i've got another 2 month plus to go & ppl keep askin me boy or gurl?..Honestly speaking, we still have no clues on the gender, even by right..we shud already know. Jeng..jeng..jeng..aduhh..adik ni sungguh berahsia dgn mama & ayah yer.

Hmm..lg 2 bln jer..pejam celik..pejam celik..bukannye lame pun. Barang2? satu ape pun x bli lg. Adik pakai barang2 abg jer la nnti yer. Ade kt uma granny. Tp minggu ni ayah & mama cari sikit2 brg adik yer. Byk jg benda nk nk d'bli especially utk sy..maklum la.. mase confinement sah2 nk dkt 2 bln dok uma jer kan. So ade baiknye sy bt persiapan awal2 dari menyusahkan hubi nk mencari brg kt Kerteh nnti. Mula2 sy igt saje2 nk tukar set bersalin. Tp selepas membuat research dlm internet untuk beberapa commercial brands for confinement..akhirnya sy telah memutuskan utk ttp maintain dgn set Nona Roguy..:). Kenape? Sbb minyak herbanika & pill nona roguy mmg superb. Lepas jer sapu minyak herbanika, bdn jadi panas..berpeluh2. Pill nona roguy tu sy cuma mkn sikit 1-2 biji sbb sgt lawas. So x akan ade masalah sembelit langsung la.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

transformation...wif SAMMITR Steel Canopy 4x4

On 8th of Jan..

  • Tailgate engineered to automotive standards and extensively tested.
  • In the event of an accident, the steel construction gives greater strength.
  • If the canopy is damaged, it can be repaired in the same manner as the vehicle.
  • The painting process applied ensures that the paint finish is the best possible match to the vehicle.
  • Sammitr steel canopy has the capacity to carry loads whilst roof racks fitted without the need for internal bracing. Rated to 80kg, compatible with leading brand roof racks.
  •  Made and tested to OEM specifications, the canopy is widely used by vehicle manufacturers as genuine equipment in Europe/USA.
  • Environmentally friendly, a major portion is recyclable.

promotion & upgrading 2011

alhamdulillah, after 3 years ++ in perodua, i've been promoted. Rezeki baby..:).So, for incoming years, need to work extra hard la kan..huhu