Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 wif blast!!
bubbye 2010...welcome 2011. A year has passed with various of moments..started with a moment of sadness, depressed, strength, accepted, fabulous, fun, discovery and many more. I express my heartfelt thanks to my family members and friends for supporting me and hubi throughout the saddest ever year in our life. 

As welcoming a new and hopeful year, im wishing...may this year brings joy, wealth and prosperity. May Allah blessed and protect our marriage as well as gives strength for both of us to live together in justice, equity, love and, mercy. May Allah bless us with childrens who will be a source of great joy and happiness. May Allah bless us with faith, love and happiness in this world and the Next.

Now, let's have a look at the 2011 list of mine:
  • Upgrading and promotion DONE!
  • Deliver our baby safely on April 2011.
  • Open SSPN and saving account for new born.
  • Patiently raising our new born with love and tenderness.
  • To reduce my weight back as before marriage. Target: 47 kiloss...
  • To completed my projects successfulness.
  • To buy alots of books as me and hubi will be able to claim back during Tax Declaration. 
  • To save our money for Umrah 2012/2013.
  • To buy another house or land as property.
  • Saving at least 1/4 of my salary.
  • To reduce habits for shopping (Erk..boleh ker? Kalau berjaye..kompem hubi will be proud of me..hehe).
  • To seek another job at Johor and Singapore if hubi will not be able to move away from JB. This will be the last choice. We both have to make the correct choice for the sake of our baby. (See baby, how much we both care about you).
The clock is ticking faster. I have 12 month to make all this happen. A bit relieved  as I'll be able to cross out No. another 11 things left.

"The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it." - Richard Bach (American Writer)