Sunday, November 1, 2009

how i met him...♥♥♥♥

Wan & Me..
i met him when i was in 2rd year in IIU after spent a years focusing on my study..eceh. Seriously im too busy since my aim is to complete my degree as soon as possible and i have no extra time for happy2 & dating2 like my other friends. So, in order to achieve my mission..i take 6-7 subjects (inclusive tilawah & curriculum (cocu)) plus the final years project and struggle hard to get a gud pointer in every semesters, really.

So..the story starts when all the 2 & 3rd year students are required to take cocu as one of the required subject. It was a coincident since me & wan which supposedly involves in basketball but all of last minutes of time, after 2 wiks..we both need to find other replacement since the trainer is not available for the basketball. We have no choice..coz all the options already full and offline. The choice left is only hockey, marathon & automotif. The 1st & 2nd choice was too impossible la for us yg kaki bangku nih! automotif is the only option left.

So the story starts here. We learn details on the car...pasang engine..masuk bwh kereta..bergelumang dgn minyak hitam..pasang nut kt bwh kereta..bukak water filter la..oil filter la and we take all the challenges positively with full excitement plus the trainer, bro Ajis was TOO NICE TO US..hehe;p. One day, bro Ajis offered us whether we interested to test the car displayed in front of the lab which designed by auto students themselves on the previous year and Wan was so eager to take this challenges, at the same time me & the trainer just follow close to her. While having the conversation...i noticed that 1 guy passing us with his serious gazed like we did something totally wrong..and i still remember..his expression look like ngade2 btol la kitorg nih! I thought he was one of the auto trainer. as the semester end...the story was stop there at the moment.

The car tested by Wan..

In the next semester, we continued the auto II and the challenges getting bigger & bigger. Before we start the class, the leader of the trainers has decided to separate us into groups and the chances for me & wan to be in the same group is most likely impossible at all. His objective separating the girls (if im not misktaken..7 of us)..we will be more focus and learn more instead of byk main2..which we definitely disagreed with his intolerable belief ..x gune btol. Im still remember, while he was too busy separating the other groups of 60 of us (girls & boys) & wan was begging bro Ajis that we dont want to be separated. This is the only time we can be together since both of us were in different course. So, quickly bro A suggest us to go to one group which its only 3 of them at that time. When the trainer turning to us..tgk2 kitorg dh lesappp. Mase tu..baru die perasan yg dua2 dh masuk kt satu group nih. Maafla bro..nk marah ke..nk ape ke...kitorg wont dare anymore..yg penting..kitorg still bsame2 slamenyer..wah2. Mase tu..the trainer go to us & ckp..dh ade group? Kitorg jwb jer ha'a...sambil nyorok belakang bdk 3 org td & x pandang muke trainer tu...haha..klako...tau plak takott. So..agaknyer..die pun mls nk layan kitorg yg ngade2 nih...die biarkan aje me& wan satu group...pdahal..other girls sume kena seperated..haha. Bijak x kitorg?  Lepas keadaan agak stabil..barula sy perasan..we are in the same group with the guy who gazing us mcm harimau on the last semester? Oh..gosh!!! Keluar mulut buaye...masuk mulut harimau kah?? Takot2. While the other 2 guys was oke2 la. Then bru kitorg tau his name was spong...bukan spongebob yer and he was selected as our leader for the team.

I was too busy with my final year project I since this was my 2nd last semester. So, sometimes i will not be able to attend the auto course on the weekend. Nothing interesting happen but we slowly admit that he was a great leader..only speaks when necessary...humble..willing to sharing his knowledge..while 2 others was funny & talkative. As the semester ends..we finally completed the course successfully..yeayyy. On the last class, we take some pics with four of us..including the trainer..and this is the beginning of our relationship...::wink::wink::(^_*)V

Wan, Me, Spong, Jemah, Faizal. Kawen pun follow sequance dlm gmba nih..wan-> me& hubi->jemah->faizal :)

Peace! If im not mistaken, we were in 2004/2005 sem II

yati, mirah, salwa, wan, me, hubi & jemah

Dating at Genting

At Autoshow PWTC


He finally met my parent for the first time during my convo on 2006..(plis dun ask why my tudung look ugly..;p). Perasan x die suda gumuks sedikit..hehe2