Sunday, January 23, 2011

Obimin Plus makes me a bit nausea...IS IT NORMAL?

Obimin Pluz (DHA + EPA) really put me in a bit drowsy. After consuming for a weeks, it becoming worst and worst..i easily felt tired, sleepy and occasionally get headache. So, i went to the doc for consultation and he advised me to take the pills after having heavy breakfast or lunch since the pills contains so much vitamins and it may caused gastric to a certain people. wonder! So, i'll stop taking Obimin Pluz and continued with the pills that JM (Jururawat Masyarakat) has prescribed me earlier + additional supplement, Neurogain. Then i feel much2 better. To avoid waste, i still took Obimin Pluz but only on the weekends.


Anonymous said...

good...tq so much

Anonymous said...

Hai. Actually i jz nak share pengalaman i makan obimin pluz ni. I baru je makan seminggu. Setiap hari even lepas heavy or lunch i makan obimin pluz mesti muntah sampai lembik. Mula2 wonder juga, kenapa muntah lps mkn. Then, i noticed after 1 hour mkn obimin pluz mesti rasa pening, terasa nak muntah, even tidur pun tak boleh. Everything yg dimakan, keluar habis.

Adziim said...

My wife pun tak boleh ambil obimin plus, memanglah nampak complete tapi doktor kata ramai yang tak selesa sebab kandungan fish oil tu. Buat orang loya, gastric dengan sakit kepala..etc.

myazzyra said...

I rase obimin pluz ni contains too much vits kot..try consume pramilet. Same function tapi w/out fish oil. Klu nk amik fish neurogain pb seperately..:)