Saturday, January 29, 2011

my life as system engineer...

I always  find it rather difficult to explain about my job related to programming to non-technical people especially to own my parent. Even after i've been working for almost 5 years, my mom still keep asking me the same question since she's been asked by our relatives. poor her! So, to make it simpler..i'm telling my mom 'umi, ckp jer kyang keje bahagian komputer..'. Sometimes, i'm also facing the the same situation when everyday handling with non-technical user unless if they always involves themselves on system enhancements.

situation 1:
user > azirah, why the booking amount is not correct?
me > please issue service request. I need to update several tables. (Table tu bukan bermaksud meja ye, but a place to store informations).

situation 2: 
user > azirah, please check..the screen shows error message bla..bla2
me > Oh, the screen has bugs. I need to fix the screen, please issue service request. (Bugs tu bukanlah bermaksud kumbang..but this term used by us to describe program error, failure.

Do i enjoy my job?

 Yeps, but there is some pron and cons:
  • Exciting and you can feel the greatest satisfaction when you successfully convert your concept or idea into reality.
  • Producing something that is intangible which is software, where it is different  from other industries.
  • Improved our skills in managing, breaking a problem down and creating a solutions.
  • Help me in building creative essay...seriously, sy rase programming adalah bahasa yang indah..(^_^) especially PL/SQL.
  • I like solving problems and there are always problems to solve while programming.
  •  Incredible difficult to explain to other people what i do. 
Haha..this picta really present our real life..its true that programmer require small things to be happy and a small glitches to become frustrated. 

We need to know precisely what they are about to build.

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