Monday, December 13, 2010

ISTD Retreat 2010 - Damai Laut, Lumut Perak 10-12/12/2010


During the 1st day, after reached Damai Laut at 7.30pm, we had our 1st activity - KRA presentation around 8.30pm. Honestly, it was soo bored! Really! After all, we just arrived from the long journey. Haha..a horror starter for the retreat and i can only stay..up until the 3rd presenter only..after that i noticed that we started getting bored..sleepy..tired..and some already sleep at the back. kantoi! Finally this boring session adjourned around 11.30pm...lega! We had no time to walk around the Swiss Garden Hotel..and most of my colleague decided to have a bed.

The next day, we started our new day at Damai Laut with a nice breakfast. The teambuilding event started at 8.30am conducted by Encik Azzam Sabtu. I never thought that we all will have a great time during the teambuilding session. My thought was totally wrong and this proved that he was a great consultant and his strategy to tackle us to be in line was succeed! No wonder la our GM was eagerly wanted him to lead our teambuilding session. The 1st activity, BINGO has make us in crazy chaos. We need to find 7 person which meet the criteria stated in the box and the person that we think suitable with the criteria must agreed and put her/his name in the box provided by themselves, and the rules is..nobody can write her/his name on behalf of them. The examples of the criteria was: Who do you think - had a hairiest leg,  beautiful, able to talk in other language, tough, walk like a model, a great singer and etc. The last three person submitted the paper will be punished. Waa...scaryyy doh!! So once the game started..we run to the person who we think meet the criteria and begging him/her to write down his/her name. I feel so relief since im not the last three person submitted the BINGO. But my relief was yet not longer when En Azzam called 6 person including me, tasha, kak ani to stay in front of the class. OMG! En Azzam introduced us as person who admitted that we walk like a model. Cis! x pasal2..we need to proved that we walk like a model in the class. Yes, i agreed that was a fanatic fan of American/Britain next top model..but i never thought that i will experienced this at all. After that, En Azzam call upon a several person who admit that he had a hairiest leg. It was so funny and the class was screaming like crazy when this 8 people including mazlan, sarip, pojie, rashwan & etc slowly shows their leg to proved that they really had a hairiest leg. As a nutshell for the 1st activity, be cautious and do not simply agreed since every decision we made will have a consequences. Hmm..a great starter.

Then, we proceed with Salam Mesra - We learn a  several tips and a proper way on how to develop a relationship with others, how to be polite on building the relationship, proper eye contact during communication. The next activity is Ballon challenge. We are given a stick and ballon. Then we need to fill in the ballons and put the stick through the ballon without popping it. I never do this before and at first, i think it was impossible. But our thought was wrong when one of the colleague successfully put the stick through the ballon without popping it. After that, our thought was totally changed. If he can do do i. So we try our best to find the way and finally it succeed! yeayyy!!  Then our motivator conclude that nothing is impossible! Yes..nothing is impossible as long as we strive harder to achieved it with a proper planning and strategy.  The next exercise is fire challenge. In this fire challenge, we need to lite off the fire using our own fingers. Ngaa..seriously im scared to death. My heart was pump and beat faster than ever (but my baby inside keep on encouraging me..go mommy...u can do it mommy..u can do it..yess2!!). Before we start, En Azzam teach us on how to control our EQ. Warning: Please dear, don't do this at home by your own. Experimenting it without a proper knowledge can led to a potential injuries.

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