Monday, January 10, 2011

Resepiku: oreo cheze cake..

after having a break a few weeks..i've decided to came out with a new recipe - oreo chez cake! Eventhough initially  i'm facing difficulty on how to bake the cake..but eventually it succeed..yeayy..another achievements! I've try harder to improve my life skills in cooking, sewing as i wanted to be a multi-task oriented person..cewah. Insya'Allah. oreo cheez cake. U will find a lil bit crunchy at the bottom due to overcooked, but the taste is still remain and the smells...was soo me:).

New PS2 ^_^

Baby, cukop bulan baby kuar dgn sihat yer. Mama & ayah dah belikan PS2 (Sbb PS3 mahal doh..)..hihi. Mesti baby dh x sabo2 kan. Mama ngan ayah mmg ibu bapa profesional lg berkerjaya..waktu keje kena waktu bmain pon kena komited gak..hehe.