Sunday, November 28, 2010

home nurse visits..

Alhamdulillah, i felt more energetic & healthier on this 2nd pregnancy. So, it was true that every pregnancy experience is different from one child to another. On the last pregnancy,  i am suffering from asthmatic so badly especially during rainy season even though i've never been attacked before since my child hood. It attacked me so-so badly until i have to say no to ice, fruits & fried food. So hopefully everything will be fine for this one. Amen.

Yesterday 27/11/2010, i've been visited by Kak Ros, nurse from Rawang Clinic and this is the first visit. She check my blood pressure and the baby's heart beats..dub-dub...dub-dub. & hubi was so excited when we 1st heard the heart just so amazing and speechless! Kak Ros was soo nice and very informative. She advised me to avoid taking any mixture of gingers, black papper and gamogen right after giving birth especially on the 1st to 3 weeks since it will not good for the blood circulation of the mother. Well..honestly it was tough, really..especially when i dun even have much knowledge on the best food for post-natal..i just depending on experienced by the older people than me. But..i will think about it and make more research on this matter thru the internet or asking an expert:). My blood pressure reading was ok..110/70. Before she left us, she has remind me for the next will be on 6/12/2010.