Friday, October 21, 2011

a very tight week!

kesian umie. She's not getting enuf rest since abah has passed away of illness on last 5th Oct. Seriously, she still cant be left alone w/out somebody with her. After considering everything very thoroughly, plus her irregular health conditions, we hv decided to bring her to KL and stay wif us. lgpun all this while, she always be at abah's side till the very end.

It has been 17 days now, behind her meek smile, we know that she had slowly accepting the fact that he was gone forever. For the past 17 days, we had been busy to settle all the pension matters for the sake of umie. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah...because of Allah's help..all the the pension matters going smoothly with Cik Nor's help (a close friend of umie and arwah abah which has been lost contacted for almost 16 years). Its not as easy as we expected. There are different forms need to be filled and sign by commissioner of oaths and the processing time will take about 2-3 month.

good boy!

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