Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wheres my money gone??*&

I was shocked when i noticed that my balance in CIMB click account reduced by RM116...RM55 + RM61 on 23/05/2011. As i remember..i never make any transactions at all on that date. So i try to contact CIMB hotline but no answering as the helpdesk operator was busy and keep asking me to hold or try to recontact they again and again. After a few attempts..i give up. Sibuk sgt ker helpdesk CIMB? Slalu ok jer...or maybe other people also facing the same problem kah? So i try another alternative..i send email to

My email issued a problem..

CIMB response

As of now, i still have no ideas where my money gone. If it is a legal direct debit transactions..why no time specified?? Yes, it seems that i missing only a small amount of money..but what if this direct debit continuously a few times????? can u imagine????

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