Saturday, November 19, 2011

agak penat...

skrg ni sy rase mcm makin x cukup tido..sejak adam blh crawling dengan lajunye. After teach him body balancing, esoknye die terus blh crawling dengan jayanye. Mama die patut rase terharu since he can make it in one day (bagusss..cepat pick up yer...)..especially with less falls. Yes, of course im happy with his progress, but at the same time, i started to felt a bit tired since i need to wake up at the late nite to pick him up at different2 place such as kt dapur la.. kt bilik la...sbb die dah menangis sorg2 kt sane. One things is i never teach something to scare him like 'jangan pg sane...nnti ade momoks..'. Usually i will tell him..'adam. dirty la kitchen ni!'. See the different? I believe its better to give them advise and telling him the truth about the current situation instead of directly saying a -ve word like 'jangan...'. Hmm..but, yess..i know, its very difficult aite. Even me pn slalu ter'sebut'...'adam..jangann ni....', 'adammm...jgn tu...'..Haha..but i try to mention this -ve word as minimal as i can. .Kenape? Sbb sy rase ia akan membantutkan tahap explorasi kanak-kanak. Sbb xtau sejauh mana fakta tersebut, jd x salah kalau mencuba kn:).

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