Saturday, January 7, 2012

cyberview lodge Resort & Spa, cyberjaya...

Pernah pg x tmpt ni? If not yet, i strongly recommended this place for you klu malas nk keluar jauh2 to other states in Malaysia la. Actually, last few years, pakcik husband pernah ajak kami bercuti di Hotel Putrajaya/Cyberjaya ni..but i refuse to go sbb i paling x suke dok hotel kt KL areas. Kalau hotel mcm kt KL..tgh2 will stressed me out lg ade la!

Baru2 ni pakcik husband ajak lg, dsebabkan keluarga mertua ade kami pn follow jer la.Mase tu I imagine, paling best pn atleast blh mandi pool dgn adam la. Smpai jer kt Cyberview Lodge, my thought was totally wrong and a bit strayed away, i was so impressed with the view. Hmmm..not bad! Surrounded by towering palm trees, splendid tropical garden...and all i can say at that time is..WAHHHHHH (with mata sedikit terbeliak and mulut sedikit terngaga ok).

The place is so stunning and shud go ok. I fall in love with the environment,  the smell of the fresh air, the architecture of the building, the whole ambiance...everything la..including environment in the room and what i can say is almost every single thing has amazed me out! I just cant believe that there are an awesome place on the outskirts of the city. The environments was so quite and pleasant when you wake up in the morning and walk away to the pool. 2 days of excitement has relief me out from the work-stressed towards end year of 2011.

We also had an opportunity to release stress and relax our body at Sembunyi Spa. 1 room (2 person) entitled for Sauna, Steam and Jacuzzi. Sembunyi Spa offered you a an ultimate body & spiritual relaxation with several treatment package like manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and spas. Package after childbirth pon ade! Tapi kitorg just take standard package jela. Sauna 5 minit sbb panas, Steam 5 minit jg...then baru jacuzzi. Tu pn was2 sgt nk berendam dlm kolam bubble tu..baru celup hujung kaki pn dh jerit..adeh2..panass! Then mak mertua siap tarik tangan soh berendam jg sbb die ckp ok jer. Lepas beberapa saat berendam seluruh badan dlm jacuzzi pool tu..baru la rase ok sket..dh rase x panas. Lame la jg kami berendam..dlm 20 minit kot. Overall, mmg puas hati...insya'Allah..will visit this place again someday:-)