Monday, February 6, 2012

Demam Viral - viral fever

Adam started got fever on last Monday. With some knowledge which i got thru books, paper and Mr Google..i continuously monitor his temperature during day and night. This is very important to ensure that his temperature is within an acceptable range. The baby is advised to wear in very minimal clothing in order to prevent his temperature from sudden spike.

Actually there is no single value to define as fever, however the following measurement are generally accepted values:

  • Rectal temperature above 100.4ºF (38ºC)
  • Oral temperature above 100ºF (37.8ºC)
  • Axillary (armpit) temperature above 99ºF (37.2ºC)
  • Ear (tympanic membrane) temperature above 100.4ºF (38ºC) in rectal mode or 99.5ºF (37.5ºC) in oral mode
  • Forehead (temporal artery) temperature above 100.4ºF (38ºC)
So, based on this value..can be concluded that any reading between 40ºC or higher is quite high for a small2 kid and if this happen..better to refer to pediatrician for further checkup & monitoring. Ok, back to the story..i was quite worried on the 3rd day since his temperature is maintaining between 37.8ºC - 39.0ºC especially during night. I woke up many times during nite to checked his temperature, sponging him with lukewarm water, kept his head wet in order to bring down the fever. On his 3rd day, the rashes started to appear in his skin. It start in his chest and face and keep spreading up in other part of his body. It just look like measles. However, Adam still active crawling and playing with his toys. Since his fever still not reduce more than 2 days, plus he now got cough, flu and diarrhea, we have decided to bring him to the hospital for further medical evaluation.

"In the eyes of a child...there is joy, there is laughter... there is hope, there is trust, a chance to shape the future..."

Mula2 planning nk pg specialist at Putra Medical Centre, sg dsebabkan dah full and pediatrician also strongly suggested adam to be warded for close monitoring, so..kitorg terus drive to the nearest medical centre which is tropicana. Actually, tropicana ni pernah dtg to our perodua for promotion. His temperature is 39.2C on the first screening test. So, nurse terus masukkan ubat thru his rectum. After register, kitorg waiting for pediatrics for further checkup. Adam give his innocent smile and seems very happy when he first met Dr Lim who will be incharged on our case. Tp his expression totally changed after Dr Lim trying to insert a stick to check his throat condition, he really2 hates it, seriously! According to Dr Lim, his throat quite red and based on his observation and experienced on Adam's condition..the rashes is not measles since it appear inconstantly.  So he takes throat swab test for influenza and blood test for further assessment. But the result for blood test will takes quite sometime. Alhamdulillah, the result of influenza is -ve.

On his 2nd days at Tropicana, Adam still got fever but the temp is still in acceptable range which below than 39C.  We take out all his cloth and he only wearing diapers until the next day. The spotted still sprout all over his body and we still keep on sponging his head and body to reduce temperature and applying Eurax cream four times a day and also take 3 different medicine which is pro-biotic, paracetamol and  cetirizine. Dr ckp..'i think its not measles, sbb adam look so happy and active. Usually, based on my experienced...any infant who suffer measles will have a bit chronic cough. This spotted is also not a sign of dengue'. Then,Dr Lim keep continuously visit him 3 times a day. Adam seems ok, but he became sgt2 manje wif his ayah yg rajin mendukung..take him outside the room. sometimes he crying and tertonggeng mybe because he felt dizziness due to the effects of meds taken. After he sees Dr Lim for a few times, Adam will start a little whimpering every-time the door open by the nurse..and crying every time doc trying to check her lung and take his temperature. Its funny when he also crying when he sees the cleaner came for room cleaning..:)

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah SWT whom with His willingness..together with an intensive care by his parents and with the helps of doc and nurses..Adam has no more fever on the next day. So he will be able to discharge by that evening...:-). Now, still awaiting blood test from the doc. Hopefully its only normal kinda viral or measles...

on his 3rd day..

still active playing around..

the rashes spread all over his shoulder..

at putra medical centre, but unfortunately all ward already full..

at tropicana medical centre..after screening test..

his 1st nite at tropicana


his 2nd day..

the rashes already spread all over his face and all parts of his body..smpai sembab2 muka encik adam..


he luvs my snickers..

he really luv his pillow..

the dinner provided by tropicana..

his smile always makes my day!

he luv apple too..

lunch provided on 3rd day at tropicana

he was soo happy to see his ashu..
the room..

alhamdulillah, ready to discharge..:)

still monyoks..

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