Wednesday, February 1, 2012

hi february...bubbye jan 2012

jan 2012 has passed we have only 11 month left to achieve what we had declared & jotted down as our 2012 wishlist in last year of Dec 2011. So any achievement in jan 2012 in ur job or social life? For me, not a very good start..but i will climb slowly but carefully as i can. my job becoming more and more challenging per day especially when it came to the topic of handling end users which seems no ends. Yes, end user also a normal people/ a human like us...but different people will have different behavior/attitude..different people will make different mistakes..different people will have different knowledge & skills..different people will react in different manners..and all those mixture of DIFFERENCES has contribute to the biggest challenge in our life as system engineer. is not always easy, man!*sigh*

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