Monday, February 14, 2011

love him forever..

Walaupun awk ni selalu cubit saye...
slalu gelak2 sambil compare perut awk ngn perut saye..
siap ckp sy degil lg..
pastu slalu ckp sy busyukk...
pernah kate sy hitam dr awak plak tu..
kdg2 membebel kalau sy drive laju.. 
Lagi slalu gado suruh sy tutup lampu..
tp semua tu buat syg sye btambah2 lg kt awk setiap waktu.... 

I was lost and alone
Trying to grow making my way down that long winding road
Had no reason no rhyme
Like a song out of time
And there you were standing in front of my eyes

How could I be such a fool

To let go of love and break all the rules 
when you walked down that door
Left a hole in my heart
And now I know for sure

You're the air that I breathe 
You're all that I need
And I wanna thank you..hubi
You're the words that I read
You're the light that I see
And your love is all that I need 

Love you so much hubi!
Your Wife..

p/s: Mase tgh tulis ni, baby Adam x dok diam sgt dlm perut.  Rasenyer baby Adam pun nk ckp yg die pun sayang kt ayah jugee..

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