Thursday, June 30, 2011

farewell party..

Actually today shud be Mazlan's last day at our IT Department as system engineer, but since his offer letter still hold at HR (i guess..&%), so maybe he will be extended to certain unconfirm period.'s a bit of a sad day, really. I had a pleasure working with this smartest & humble guy for almost 4 years ++. Really thankful to him for all his kind support as a Team Lead through the past 4 years im working here. He was the one who teach me a lots of things and making me from 'zero to hero'. Thanks bro for everything. Continue your flying colors...gud luck!


After makan2..


Three stooges..

Our GM and DGM
Sedap makan??

Thanks bro! Appreciate your helps so much..

muka2 lapo..

i pn tgh lapar..

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