Saturday, May 12, 2012

awesome osaka..

Hmm its almost 1 months plus till have a lil time to throw all the things out from my memory bank.
yes, im pretty busy recently  started a week before i'm flying to osaka as i have to ensure that no pending task which might burden my colleague and users during my absence. I just know that i have to go to the Shiga plant 2 weeks before. I still remember, until the day before..i still havent finished packing due to end month closing and account closing on early month, i even not aware of the departure time. Bulan 4 la plk we got all issues in all systems and by hook or by crook..all these issue need to be solved before 2/4/2012..(in other words, before im flying Alhamdulillah, i managed to solve all the critical raised issues on 1/4/2012 at 8:30 pm. Thank you Allah.

awesome sakura..
We arrived at Kansai Airport, Osaka around 6.20 am (5.20 am malaysian time) on 4th of April. In Japan, the sunrise started at 4 am in the morning. Nama lg negara matahari terbit kan. Temperature by that time is around 10C to 12C which is mmg sejuk gile..gile punye sejuk. Sebenarnye last a few days..sempat la jg google weather forecast at Japan..lebih kurang same mcm pg South Africa last time. Tanye jg dekat boss, do i really need to bring gloves? Sbb dulu mmg kitorg bwk gloves dan segala. Tp..diorg sume rilek aje. Ckp skrg tgh Spring kn. So..i pun rilek jg la. not expected that mmg sejuk hingga ke tulang sum-sum kot. Bila ckp..mulut berasap-asap. Dlm hati menyesal jg la x bwk glove..sbb kt malaysia pn x tahan sejuk kn.

nasi beriani yg paling x sedap and termahal i ever ate - RM50 per plate..

Smpai jer di Kansai Airport..kami terus ke platform bas no 5 & ticket machine. Nasib boss dh berguru dgn one of our colleague yg pernah menetap kt sane walaupun kitorg x bp exactly paham cara nk gunakan ticket machine yg ala2 agak canggih based on try & error & info dari member kitorg tu, sy & bosses just masukkan Y2000 utk membeli ticket yg berharga Y1500. Rate yg sy dpt Y100 = RM3.77, so kalau Y1000 = RM37.77 genapkan je kpd RM40, kalau Y1500 =.RM55.5. So, boleh nmpak kan betapa mahalnye ticket bas dari Kansai Airport ke hotel kami, New Hankyu Hotel. Kami dijangka sampai di hotel lebih kurang dlm pukul 8.45 am (45 - 50 minit). Bas Aiport limousine tu plk mmg arrived on the dot at 8.05 am..sgt punctual! Sebelum naik bas, setiap beg akan ditag kn dgn sequence no yg berbeza..dan kami jg mendapat salinan utk sequence no tersebut. Tag tersebut xleh dihilangkan and only an authorize person jer boleh amik beg based on tag number yg ade kt kita. Betapa securenye system bas diorg ni. Bile naik bas, driver bas tersebut mmg akan menyapa mesra setiap org yg naik dengan ucapan 'Ohaiyou gozaimasu' yg bermaksud 'Selamat Pagi!' berserta eye contact and bow.

Smpai jer di New Hankyu Hotel, kami hanya dibenarkan check-in dlm pukul 2pm. Memandangkan jam baru jer pukul 8.50 am, so kami tinggalkan luggage di tempat yg dsediakan oleh hotel utk free and easy activities sbb schedule kami utk esok & luse agak tight.

Tempat pertama yg dituju ialah supermarket Yodabashi..betul2 berdepan dengan Hotel New Hankyu. Smpai kt sana, kami berenam berpecah, sy follo boss sy ksuzi dan lain2 tu saya kurang pasti sebab xkan la boss besar kami nk follo budak2 muda tu plk kn. Cuma kyg pastinya, kami berjanji akan jumpe semula di hotel dlm pukul 1.45 pm.

One thing that i noticed about Japanese people is that they dont speak english. Even they know that you are foreigner, they will speak nihongo with you. So you have no choice, whether you speak with them in japanese or in english, they will reply back in Japanese. So, even you still at 1st level of learning Japanese or masih tergagap like me, it doesnt matter. You still can communicate with them, and this people will not laugh at you, seriously. If we does not understand, they will use body language to communicate with us.

For a few days we used to wear layers of clothes because the weather is quite cold especially at night. Nasib baik kitorg sempat tgk sakura yang baru nak berbunga. Even we doesn't have much time for shopping2..(nama lg business visit kn..), but overall i think i love osaka. It was a nice place with a nice people. For me, Japanese people was really different from malaysian or any people from the third country. I believed that they was raised to be polite, respect each other and also very punctual. Most of the public transport will arrive on the dot based on the time display. Hmm..i really wish to be here again for the next2 year but this time will be with my family:). Its not for shopping2..but my intentions is to let our kids to get early exposure on the good things about Japanese culture InsyaAllah..:))

nampak jer mcm kt pasar mlm..rege..suma above RM80..

RM40 for hair clip..!!

baju buruk camni pn dh RM107
genba at Shiga Plant

kansai aiport..
RM200 for a sweater..ssh gile nk cari cheap cloth for kid..
shiseido brand for body shampoo, body shampoo and rinse

automatic toilet in japan..haha
japanese food provided by MAS

green tea ice cream..

Mini Kimono - RM80

Original croc Y5480 equivalent to  RM200. kopak..kopak...sakit kaki punye pasal..

Fridge magnet

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