Thursday, May 15, 2014

First post for year 2014

It has been a year i've been away from blogging activity started from May2013 - May2014. Yes its only 1 year but my daily routines has changed a lots since that day. We are not having distance marriage anymore as finally i decided to move to JB and resigned from my current job. The decision is quite tough since i really like my job and i really love working & contribute my skills with P2 but we seriously think that they should grow up with both of us stay together. Furthermore, this will be easy for us to execute our plan for their future. And of course there's alots of things that we want to prepare for them like sending them to playschool, swimming class, music class, art class, martial art class, quranic class, language class and etc2. Actually this is just our 5 years plan and im so relief since my husband also very supportive and have the same ideas on the way of upbringing. Actually i like learning different language, but since i dont have time & opportunity...yet, so we tried to exposed adam to learn mandarin & english starting this year and will follow by adik on the next year, inShaAllah. And slowly i will learn from them, definitely:D 

There's some people said that its to early to send our kids to playschool, but for us, we believed the fact that from birth to five years is the most critical time because their brain & knowledge is grow at the highest & faster rate. Futhermore, im a working mom and i really noticed the different between sending them to nanny vs. playschool especially for adam. I dont really like the ideas to let them watching tv for the whole day, eating unhealthy food like chicken nuggets and giving them any sweet drink. For me, this is really unacceptable! Thats why before sending them to playschool, i will ask on the type of food and the details activities provided. So far, i really satified with Nuri, Nusa Cemerlang. Adam already able to recognize colors, start to recognize alphabets and numbers. Unless if im SAHM, i can easily homeschooling them :D and off course mom is always their best teacher, am i right? :D. Our sincere intention is to feed them with knowledges as many as we and to explore their self potential so that they can grow with higher level of confidence and next they should be able to decide what they really want to do, what they really want to be in their future:) In Sha Allah.