Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Health Talk at Corporate Auditorium

Harini ade Health talk conducted by Dr Haizal from Tropicana Medical Centre at Corp Audi. Em..nothing much as I expected his talk will touch more on the best practice of having fud..hehe;p. But nevertheless,  the activities provided is quite interesting and the best part..we get FREE voucher worth around RM200 plus for free health checkup! Best2. We are given opportunities to check our level of glucose, blood pressure & free eye checkup. Berdebar2 mase nk tau tahap glucose dlm bdn..dh la mase tu we do the glucose test immediately after having lunch. Ape sy mkn? nasi + ikan keli +terung goreng. Skali check2 my level is only 5.3..humm..not bad! Still acceptable since the best level is btw 4-6 (fasting), 4-8(not fasting). For blood pressure..i've got only 99/70 which is almost lower than the average. Haiyaa...all my friends got better result than me. But..i dun really mind since average in everything is better..always set in mind, sy xnk darah tinggi dan juga kencing manis! All depends on what we eat everyday..but the genetics might also be the greatest contributor for all the major deceases. S.T.A.Y.H.E.A.L.T.H.I.E.R.A.N.D.Y.O.U.N.G.E.R..:p

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