Tuesday, February 8, 2011

spend the nite at Hospital Sg Buloh..

Around 7 pm, my gyne advised me to refer to the nearest Hospital asap as our baby movements seems a bit slower than usual. Baby, please la be strong...definitely mommy and daddy will be proud for u as our little survivor. So nearly 8.30 pm..right after Maghrib prayer, i'm seeking Lina's help to accompany me to Sg Buloh hosp, while waiting for hubby on the way back to KL from JB. (See baby, how much ayah worried about mama and you, and once u are shud be grateful to Allah since u are been given such a great-daddy!!). Initially mama wanted to go by myself since Hospital Sg Buloh is quite near..but your ayah doesn't allow me to do so especially at nite.

The smells of the medicine is quite strong once arriving this hosp and it closely reminds me to the previous delivery moment. The checkup started with heart beat counter using a special machine like ICG to measure and monitor the number of heartbeat per minutes. Alhamdulillah, everything seems OK. Then, the junior Dr asks me several questions:-

Junior Dr: When u started to felt the slowness of the bby movement? 
Me: I noticed it today. Usually i can feel the strong kick on my tummy as well as on the abdomen and managed to count more than 10 times before 8 pm per day. But today a bit slow la... 
Junior Dr: Your health condition today?
Me: I'm not feeling well today. Headache and nausea..
Junior Dr: The heartbeat reading seems OK to me. But you still need to wait the say from My boss (gynecologist) before i discharge you.
Me: Ok, then.

On the waiting room, i have an opportunity to met several patients with different conditions. Some patient looks cool and more relax, some looks happy and excited, and I'm feel sorry to see the pain to some people confront the contraction while waiting to be admitted to labor room since the cervix opening is not yet reached 4 cm. So pathetic! Ya Allah, let everything will be easy for me...ameen. I was sitting besides indo-women and she looks very2 in pain. She tell me that the doc and nurse shud gives her medicine to relieve the pain during cervix contractions..but i'm telling her that i've never been given any medicine before giving birth, the paracetamol (i guess) to reduce the pain only been given to me after delivery. She fall silent for a moment. Moreover, this is not a private Hospital where we can easily be pampered based on amount of money that we willing to pay kan.

The waiting periods to met the gynecologist end up after 3 hours. Oh ye, prior to hubby arrived at this Hosp around 12.15 am and i was heartfelt thanks to Lina and Amin for their willingness to send me and wait for hubby for almost 3 hours plus. Baby, now say thanks to mommy Lina and daddy Amin, OK.Ok, back to the story, the gyne scan to measure the baby weight, movement and heartbeat. Suddenly, he ask me..'do you know the gender yet?' I say 'Nope'. '90% sure..its a Boy....!!'.  'Oh really...thats great!' Hehe...finally. Mama and Ayah dpt tau juga gender awak. Now, its easy for Mama and Ayah to choose color of your shirt...wink::wink:). So, as we have decided earlier..we will named the baby as Ahmad Adam. Ahmad means Most highly adored, or most praised; variation of the name Muhammad. And Adam means the first Islamic Prophet. Im thinking to add 'Zahin' between Ahmad and Adam but hubby does not allow to do so since his name already quite long. Ok, let see the different...Ahmad Adam bin Ahmad Fakhzan (28 chars including space) or Ahmad Zahin Adam bin Ahmad Fakhzan (34 chars including space). Hmm..mmg agak panjang..

I was discharged from the hospital around 5 am. Seriess...sgt mengantuk. Kesian Hubby..driving from JB to KL for the sake of Adam. Adam, please don't do this again ye. Adam x kasihan kat ayah ker? Kena drive jauh2. You must growth healthy for us..sweetheart. But Mama tau, perhaps Adam purposely doing this because he missed his ayah so much kan..and wishing his ayah stay here in KL with mama kan...kan...(mommy too, my dear)(^_^)