Wednesday, February 9, 2011 safely yer..sob..sob

I really hate the time when hubby need to leave both of us and turn back to JB. Every time i will hug and begging him to take medical leave and ask him to stay. 'Ayah..Adam ckp die x puas lg bermanje dgn ayah.' (the truth is, Ayah..mama x puas lg nk bermanje dgn ayah...hehe) 'Ayah keje sayang..., Adam duduk dgn mama. Jangan buat ayah risau lg yer.' . ' carefully..jgn bwk laju2. Kalau ngantuk..tido dulu kt R&R. Awak ok ke nk drive nih?'...was the most common sentences to him. Usually i will hold my tears and keep my emotions aside. In one sense, i dont want him to see my i wanted him to know that im strong enuf here. Moreover, its not good for the baby if i cant control my emotions during pregnancy...kan Adam kan. (Please refer item#3: Jaga Emosi on my previous article: Klik here) Before turn to bed..i will leave SMS to him..'Ayah, drive carefully, mama and Adam love you so much..'

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